River(s) brought together two photographic projects: Tevere by Catia Ott and Tarkovsky's River by Gillian McIver.

River(s) launched the photo-books Tevere and Tarkovsky's River, and screened the films of the same names.


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Tarkovsky's River, Gillian McIver Tevere, Catia Ott

You cannot step twice into the same river; for other waters are ever flowing on to you.

River(s) brings together two projects by Gillian McIver and Catia Ott. Each describes a river journey: Tevere's is the Tiber through the city of Rome and down to the sea; Tarkovsky's River follows the River Volga to locate the birthplace of Andrey Tarkovsky in the heart of Russia. Each project was made independently and differently, yet despite their diversity of style and approach, they share a certain focus on the visual. Both films address the lived experience of the river journey, and on the role of cinema as a guiding principle in how to see the river itself.


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River(s) was held at Studio75 London in October 2011
as part of Photomonth International Festival of Photography.


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